Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Catching up with Marcus Davis


To this point what are you most proud of of your MMA career?

Just happy that I’m fighting and proud that I’ve been able to change from being only a striker to a MMA fighter.

Have you heard who your next opponent it going to be? I heard there's a possibility you might be fighting Mike Swick.

Yes it will be Mike Swick June 7th.

What made you decide to go into MMA as opposed to boxing? You had a lot of success boxing.

Boxing was dirty. I got screwed over alot in the management and promoter side of it. I also was bored. I felt as though it wasn’t – really fighting.

How did you get selected for the 2nd season of the Ultimate Fighter?

I just sent in a tape and went through the steps like everyone else.

How instrumental has Jorge Gurgel been in your progression as a Mixed Martial Artist?

Very. Jorge is the one who was able to stop me from freaking out on my back. He helped me become comfortable on the ground. He is one of my best friends.

How special was it to beat Shonie Carter on Ultimate Fight Night 7? That show that was put on for the Marines and raised money for their families.

It was awesome. Shonnie is a fighter with a ton of experience and beating him fresh off his stint on TUF help boost my rep in the UFC.

What did mean to you to win by KO on the UFC 72 card in Ireland ?

It meant I succeeded in fulfilling a dream I had as a boy. I always wanted to fight in Ireland and didn’t think it was going to happen after I stopped boxing.

The Paul Taylor fight was amazing. I just knew when he kicked you it was going to be a TKO but you fought through it and wound up getting him in an armbar. When he caught you with that kick what were you thinking? Did your instincts just kick in?

Honestly the first thing I thought was he better hope I didn’t get back up. I was angry. Not with Paul but at myself for getting caught in the neck by the kick. Instinct did kick in and I was happy that at that time I knew I was in a good fight.

How many more wins do you think you need to get before you are considered for a title shot?

Probably 2 more against top 10 guys.

How do you feel you would match up with Anderson Silva? He's tearing through his weight class. He's almost out of challengers.

LOL. He would most likely crush me like a worm. He’s got size, reach, Thai technique and better ground then me. I would fight him though just to say I got kneed in the face by one of the best.

Who do you think will win the Serra-St. Pierre fight?

I hope Matt Serra. Its anyone’s fight at this level.

Who is your favorite fighter to watch?

It used to be Cro Cop. Now its just my friends who fight. Jorge, Kenny, Rich, Dustin, Patrick, all my teammates.

When you are cutting weight and training for a big fight what is the hardest thing to give up in your diet? What's your guilty pleasure?

Well I’m real good at being good. But after I fight I love to eat cookies. I am a cookie freak. All kinds it doesn’t matter.

Thanks again Marcus, is there anything else you'd like to say to your fans out there?

To anyone supporting me I thank you with all my heart. I started out a bit rocky but I am doing my best to become a better fight for your entertainment and I will always come to lay it on the line.

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