Monday, April 14, 2008

Catching up with Cole Miller


How proud of your teammate Thiago Alves for his big TKO victory over Karo Parisyan last week at UFC Fight Night 13?
We are all very proud. Thiago trains very hard and is very deserving of his accomplishments.

How did you hook up with American Top Team?
My friend Charles McCarthy begain training with them, and about 3 years ago i came down to visit and check things out and was welcomed with open arms.

What have you been up to since your last fight at UFC Fght Night 12?
Training, training, training.

Have you heard anything from the UFC as to who your next opponent might be? I heard you might be fighting at UFC 86 in Las Vegas.
Yeah, still no word on the opponent.

Who were some of your favorite fighters growing up?
Royce Gracie, Caol Uno, BJ Penn, and once I got to my late teens Kazushi Sakuraba.

How were you selected for the Ultimate Fighter?
I went to the tryouts and was better than almost all the guys there and the interview went extremely well, so I was on.

Did you have a preference as to who was your coach coming into that situation (Pulver or Penn)?
Yeah, I wanted BJ Penn beacuse he's my favorite fighter, but I couldn't punk out Jens like that. so I just kept my hand down and let whatever coach who wanted me to be on his team choose me.

Coming into the house who do you think was the favorite to win the contract?
I really didn't think that there was a favorite all of the guys were very goood but even the veterans only had one fight in the UFC a piece.

Besides yourself (of course) and Nate Diaz, who do you see having the brightest future in the UFC from that season?
If you notice something, there are more guys in the UFC from my season of TUF than any other season currently. I think Corey Hilll has a bright future, and so does gray but really all the guys: nathan diaz, Matt Wiman, Gray Maynard, myself, Rob Rmerson, Manny Gamburyan, and Joe Lauzon.

If Manny had not injured his shoulder do you think he would've won that fight with Nate Diaz in the Finale? He did really well in the first round.
I think Nate usually starts slow and he would've came out and won the 2nd and finished him in the third.

Did you feel any extra pressure fighting Alan Berube in the first fight on the show? Or where you just ready to get in the cage?
I think we were all ready to get the fights underway. everyone was ready to go.

How good did it feel to get a TKO in your first offical fight in the UFC over Andy Wang?
That feeling was amazing. It cant be replicated. It was a bigger moment than my first win in my first fight ever.

Was the win over Leonard Garcia at UFC Fight Night 11 sweeter than the first? The first fight you made a statement. The second fight you showed you belonged.
I think the 2nd fight was important for me to show I can beat guys that are already in the UFC so it was sweet but its nice to finish fights.

When you are training what is the hardest thing for you to give up? What's your guilty pleasure?
I'm always training so I have a clean lifestyle, I don't give up anything for training because training is my life.

Thanks again Cole, is there anything else you'd like to say to the fans?
Thanks for all the support its what keeps me fighting

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