Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Catching up with Sam Hoger


Tell us Sam what have you been up to. Is it true you are the Head Coach at Miletich Fighting Systems in Houston?

Yes I'm the coach over here at MFS Houston the head coach of course is Pat but I'm doing the coaching out here.

How did you get to be in that position?

Pat and I were talking and he gave me the assignment I was honored to be chosen and ran with it full force.

Is there anybody there that you feel has the skills to make some noise in the UFC, IFL, EliteXC, etc.?

Ben Rothwell I think is going to be making some huge noise in the next few years making a ton of men shake in fear. Arlovski is his next opponent which I don't think was a good move for Andre. The other guy I think is going to be making some noise is Jake Shields. The guy is sick on the ground. Aside from that St. Pierre will be crushing people for a while and Anderson Silva of course will be on top for a long time. The guy I would like to see fight in the US against Kimbo. Though now that I think about it which would be a war is Melvin Manhoeff. That would be a war for the years. His fight with Cyborg said it all. Oh, also Wilson Goveia is probably going to upset the Machida after he takes the title from the winner of Forrest- Rampage via point fighting karate style win.

You aren't done fighting are you?

Nope. Just turning down cheap promoters who think they can get a business man here for quail prices and not oil prices. So I'm about to be the De La Hoya of this sport. Watch my next few moves.

How did you get selected to be on the Ultimate Fighter?

I went to the try outs, and was undefeated as a heavyweight at the time so I was supposed to be the heavyweight on the show but instead they wanted to do two divisions 185 and 205 so I cut the weight and made it.

Did you have a preference as to who's team you were on (Lidell or Couture)?

I was friends with Chuck, so I was glad at the time that I was on his team but looking back on it Randy's team would have been a bit more fitting.

I heard you really want to avenge your loss to Forest Griffin.

That is the truth. Anywhere, anytime, I'll do it for free.

How good did it feel to beat Bobby Southworth in the Ultimate Fighter Finale? It had to be a pretty big deal to get your first official win in the UFC?

It was good but I was so angry at the guy for being a prick. He thought I would fall in line like the rest of the sheep I had on my team. I knew better, and I knew I was better. So I punished him one minute for every week we were on the show and then clowned him at the end of our fight.

I remember watching your fight with Rashad Evans and thinking before they announced the decision that you won but they were going to give it to Rashad because he was the "Golden Boy." Rashad is a good fighter but I thought you won the fight. He was saved by the bell in the 2nd round. What do you remember thinking right before they announced the decision?

I was thinking man this is mine I locked this win up, then they gave it to him. I never felt more robbed before in my life. That pissed me off.

Had you won other judge over do you feel your career would have gone in a different direction?

No my career is always on the same path regardless of these little bumps in the road. I'm working towards being a billionaire.

Your fight with Stephen Bonner was another close one. Do you ever go back and watch the Bonner and Evans fights and think "If I had just done this..."

No. Can't dwell on the past there is too much going on in the present.

Who is your favorite Non-Miletich fighter to watch fight?

Anderson Silva

Which Miletich fighter gives you the toughest time in training?

Tim Sylvia

Do you feel Tim Sylvia gets the credit he deserves?

Nope. After he crushes Fedor he will. Tim by Arm bar.

Do you think Lyoto Machida will beat Tito Ortiz?

Depends which Tito shows up. Tito has the style to win but he is old now and focused on money, so I don't know. If the ground and pound machine shows up he will win if the Tito who trys to stand and then get his game going shows up he will get killed.

Do you feel that Strikeforce and EliteXC getting new TV deals is good for the sport? I just worry that some of these newer promotions might be seen like the XFL was and not last very long.

If Elite stays on the path they are on they will take over the game as the fresh new thing to keep up with and the UFC will look like the masters division in golf with nobody caring.

Is there anything else you'd like to say to your fans?

Thanks for all your support and watch me make these next few moves. check out www. mfshou. com . Thanks to Alex lopera, Geohn Cho and Yun Cheng.

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